Are you looking for elite classic furniture? Welcome!

Weymo Furniture is an elite Turkish furniture salon and architectural studio, located in Istanbul, in a large furniture town Masko. Weymo Furniture offer classic and avant-garde furniture, luxury dining room, living rooms and bedrooms and also “turn to key” decoration and projects. All furniture that we offer are made from quality wood and handcrafted by experienced masters. All furniture decorative elements are gold-plated, silver-plated or lacquered with eco-friendly durable materials.
Weymo Furniture is a real leader in the decoration and furnishing of “turn to key” jobs for hotels, villas, restaurants, office and shops. Thanks to the high quality of the work we do our company has successfully finished a lot of project in Turkey and throughout the world.
Be sure the furniture that we offer will serve you for years!If you need new ideas, style and experience, a unique result only made for you, for your interiors, we are what you are looking for.


Weymo offers variety of classic dining room furniture from the leading world manufacturers. Whether you are looking for tables, chairs, buffets, carts, buffets or complete sets, you will find it here. With Weymo furniture, your home will have only the best pieces. Classic dining room furniture is associated with old world and its charm. The classic furniture inspires to sit and have some good moments. It tends to slow the speed of time and thus keeps the best moments of life.


Weymo Classic bedroom furniture is a fine blend of design and comfort. A bedroom furniture is expected to be cozy, pleasurable and inviting. The bedroom should have lots of positive energy, fresh air and sunlight. Such bedrooms when combined with classic bed, wardrobe, chairs, tables, bedside tables and other furniture pieces, becomes a very private place in a home. Many people choose classic bedroom furniture because they find them more accommodating than others. This furniture speaks of itself.


Weymo offers a variety of classic living rooms, wall units, TV stands, sofas, armchairs. The living room depicts the true spirit of your home. People tend to sit, relax and unwind in their living room, simply lying down on a couch or a sofa. Like every place or room in your home that has its specific significance, so does the living room. The furniture for the living room should be convenient, low-maintenance, very comfortable and perfect designed; that is why the classic living room is an ideal option.